The Staphysagria Animal – Delphinium (Lice Bane)

This type of dog often attracts fleas and other skin parasites.

Staphsagria tincture was traditionally used as a local application for head lice. Skin may have eczema, itching, biting; skin fails to heal .

Strong genito-urinary element, and can treat many physical conditions resulting from abuse.

One of main remedies for sexual abuse, shame, submissiveness, suicidal from sadness.



When rescuing an animal from an abusive situation, it is important to recognize that certain behaviors may be as a result of this previous abuse –

humiliation,, violence, shame, can leads to feelings of anger, resentfulness, and indignation which has to be suppressed to maintain her dignity and self-respect even under duress.

This may be the dog who tries to placate or ingratiate herself with her offender, and because she hasn’t outwardly shown submission she is forced to put up with even more insults and injuries, unable to fight back, restrained by an instinct for survival. After all, if she bites, it would be a great excuse to have her put down.


Her effort to control her emotions may be manifested in trembling and anticipatory anxiety. Here we may think of Gelsemium but if her history is of abuse then Staphysagria would be my choice.


. A female rescued recently down south was repeatedly beaten because she refused to work the stock. The more she was beaten, the more she withdrew because her efforts to withhold long-held emotions drained her emotionally and physically.


Internalising these emotions can easily be transformed into depression which Prozac, Valium and any other antidepressants wont fix.


Unfortunately being unable to generate a sense of self worth and mounting indignation against her perpetrators often means she is unable to accept being treated with respect and affection for some time, which can cause some frustration to the owners. It’s about building trust.



And abuse can just be mental – and again staphysagria has a role to play e.g.

Frustrations of living with a frigid or impotent partner (my male budgie).



After the rescue she will no doubt be given a vaccination, a chemical flea control, de sexed if appropriate.


We do make up a Rescue Dog/Cat homeopathic and herbal support package – just e mail the details


Immune system support

Herbs – Olive Leaf, (parasitical infections, anti fungal, anti viral)

Echinacea – ill effects of vaccinations


Schisandra, St Mary’s Thistle (for lover)

Siberian Ginseng (systemic toxicity)

Bladderwrack (stimulates selective drainage)

Adrenal Support

Licorice or Borage – direct adrenal support

Emotional Support:

Withania – stress-induced conditions, together with P.Ginseng – the king of aptagens.

Female/Male Support

Nutritional Tonic

Nettle, Oatstraw, Alfalfa, Kelp

Keep them on the food they came with for a week then transitional them to nourishing food, which doesn’t have to be expensive (website download)