I recently had a small surgical excision and when the stitches were removed it was recommended I  put a commercial moisturising cream on the scar to heal –   OMG – this advice was from a nurse! Just what are they teaching these days.  There
is so many nasties in commercial creams that if it wasn’t cancer to start with,
it would be by the time I had ‘recovered’. I received  a blank stare when I mentioned that Colloidal Silver might be a more healthier option.

.So just what is Colloid Silver?

It’s a powerful natural antibiotic, killing harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses yet does not
harm useful body bacteria.

Colloidal Minerals -means ‘finely dispersed in liquid’. Colloidal particlesare  so fine that they float or remains
suspended indefinitely in a liquid. (Colloidals can get so small they can pass
through glass!).
  Fruit and vegetables contain colloids of many minerals. These minerals are 100% usable by the body. Colloidals are live energised nutrients that immediately become available to the body. They are non toxic due to their electrical charge and their plant origin. It is odourless, virtually tasteless and does not sting, even in a newborn’s eyes.

Inorganic (Metallic)
– these are multi mineral tablets purchased over the counter. They fail to break down completely and provide about 8-14 of the over 60 trace elements known to be utilised by the body.

a chemical technique that binds the positively charged metallic ion to a larger
negatively charged organic molecule such as an amino acid molecule. This large
negatively charge mineral compound is electrochemically attracted to the lining
of the digestive tract and is thus more readily absorbed.


How Silver works

Silver has the ability to carry oxygen and act as a catalyst on bonded oxygen compounds.

It deactivates micro organisms by oxidation, DNA binding and Enzyme incapacitation.



Can be added to drinking water, holding it in the mouth, a sprayer for eyes, ears and throat
infections, a dropper for eyes, a soaked pad for skin ailments (a gel for skin
is also available, useful for eczema, athlete’s foot, psoriasis etc), in a nebuliser, by injection for emergencies.

General Use –a teaspoon twice daily

Illness – 4-6
teaspoons per day (2 hourly) for a week.


Use in Health

Our food is becoming increasingly deficient in minerals (remember, vitamins are ineffective
without minerals). Many wildcrafted herbs obtain their medicinal value from mineral

Many people and pets are enzyme deficient (commercial dried food does not contain any
enzymes). Over 3000 enzymes have been identified which are required for
metabolic functions. Basically, all cellular functions are initiated by enzymes
that are only produced in the presence of colloidal trace minerals.

Minerals are essential for the utilisation of vitamins (e.g. vitamin E cannot be assimilated
without correct levels of colloidal zinc in the blood); vitamin C can triple
the absorption of iron. Vitamins control the body’s’ appropriation of minerals,
and in the absence of minerals, they have no function to perform. Lacking
vitamins, the system can make use of minerals, but lacking minerals, vitamins
are useless.

Silver is normally provided in the juices of fruits and vegetables, however recent
farming methods (from 1900) using NPK (Super phosphate) are causing our soils
to become depleted of trace minerals. (A 1992 survey in the USA demonstrated a
85% drop in the past 110 years!) NPK fertiliser is all that’s needed to get a
maximum yield and will ensure the plant survives BUT if that’s all it gets,
very few surplus minerals (or vitamins) will be stored in its tissues as it will have used them all up for its own survival.

Care of Product

       Always use a plastic spoon

       Store in a dark place

       Keep away from magnetic fields (microwaves, tv, stereo, fridges) . Magnetic fields cause the small silver particles to clump together, reducing the effectiveness of the Colloidal Silver.