Lochie comes from a family of dedicated Westie owners, all dogs living to a ripe old age. Lochie came to my attention when he was deemed to have ‘done his cruciate ligament’ at 7 years old. It was recommended he be operated on but Owners very reluctant. I suggested (because they didn’t want a crate) keep him on a cushion and tied to the leg of the couch for two weeks, allowed to toilet only on lead. He was given some homeopathic and herbal preps. Lochie made a full recovery and still loves lying on his cushion with his Teddy!

He had a small benign growth excised from his rectal area, at the same time a few teeth out. Again some homeopathics and herbals.

Several years later Lochie developed a tumour around his rectum although it has not interfered with his stools at all. The growth at one stage was large, ugly looking and black. He was given Peony, Hydrastis, Phos, Conium and Causticum, with anti-cancer herbs ; this was altered over time to suit the changing nature of his tumour. After a few months it has reduced in size (see photos) and is now a very manageable area to treat. Apart from an ear that causes a little strife but easily fixed with our eardrops, Lochie is a very health old dog. Lochie’s owner has a Bioptron Light and she uses this to help him through his health issues.



Early breakfast: Fruit (Blueberries, prunes, apples, kiwifruit etc.)

Late Breakfast (he has Hobbit habits of 2nd-breakfasts!): Porridge with yoghurt or egg ,cottage cheese and sardines.

Lunch – a little raw meat and vegetables

Tea: Meat and assorted steamed vegetables. (lamb skirts, venison, tripe, carrots, pumpkin, greens).

Treats: Radical Dog or Ziwi .


Lochie, at 17 years, is full of energy, racing up and down stairs and tiring his elderly owners. When you consider his diet, it’s no wonder he’s still buzzing.