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Last year my 12 year old male dog had a very good sperm count of around 83% when checked. Six months later it was down to 10% which we attributed to his teeth, which were very bad. Following removal of all but 2 teeth I expected the sperm count to return to normal. Unfortunately it continued to fall to barely 1%. Although there were very few live sperm, those that were live were very active.   T.M.

Hi T.M
Need to know diet details as I would suspect a dysfunctional gut due to 1) state of dentition, and 2) faulty assimilation of nutrients essential for the manufacture of sperm.
Although his ageing factor needs to be taken into account, nutrition that supports overall wellness can beat many ‘ageing’ odds.
I assume that he has had a thorough body check, his prostate is functioning well and he has no history of leptospirosis, hepatitis or strep infections.
It is vital that his stress levels remain low and the adaptogenic herbs such as Siberian Ginseng,Wild Oat and Skullcap are excellent de-stressors.

Good nutrients for poor sperm counts include finely chopped almonds,  raw eggs, raw honey , grated corn off the cob, kelp, nettle and oatstraw tea, Even a little garlic daily helps and a small pinch of slippery elm daily in his food for a month would help tonify his gut.  The addition of the following supplied as food will help:

Lecithin –  an essential part of semen and necessary for normal semen production. Found in egg yolks seeds, grains, nuts.

Carnitine –  the body usually makes its own but needs adequate assimilation of essential amino acids (protein). Lack of the ‘bitter principle’ in  commercial foods means low pancreatic and stomach digestive juice activity (these juices assist protein digestion). Include leaves of dandelion, sheep sorrel in meals to stimulate digestion.

Zinc supplementation – I would advise caution with  zinc  even though you may have been recommended it. The relative role of copper becomes an issue in zinc supplements. Go for unrefined organic sesame, sunflower, wheat germ,  safflower seed oils (high in essential fatty acids), green vegetables, nuts, beans and peas.

Although usually recommended for females, I would be giving him EFA’s of Omega 3, 6 and 9’s combined, which will assist with hormonal precursors.

There are some herbs that are valuable male tonics including Damiana ( specific for infertility and low adrenal energy), Sarsaparilla, Licorice and Wild Yam, (providing hormonal precursors to enhance hormonal health). Saw Palmetto and Polygonum multiflorum assist with increased sperm count and improve sperm motility; Polygonum is also a great herb for ageing. Panax Ginseng is an asset to the male species and should be included in any fertility formula. Other herbs that generally improve the reproductive system include Red Raspberry leaves, Burdock root , Tribulus terrestris, Asparagus racemosus,  Withania somnifera and, again,  Wild Yam ( the latter usually considered a female herb but cooked in a cup of milk with ghee and taken daily is a restorative for seminal debility).

There are a special group of eight plant roots, (most in the lily family) famous in Ayurvedic medicine for promoting fertility and enhancing spermatogenesis. Solomon’s Seal is one belonging to the Polygonatum spp, also known as Meda,  Maheda or Yu zhu. If you are near an Ayurvedic or Chinese Herbalist Practitioner they may be able to source this for you.

Aromatherapy is also of value in infertility and although you may not want to do a full body massage (!) the essential oil of Rose increases sperm cell count. I would be using it in an atomiser or essential oil burner. Good Rose oil is very expensive but worth it.

Sonolite and the Orange Tourmaline are both crystals than can enhance fertility. Lay them under his bedding.

As your dog ages it may be of value to consider herbs which increase peripheral penile circulation such as Ginkgo with Hawthorn. I assume he is not having any nocturnal seminal  emissions; there are some excellent homeopathic remedies for this. If you are near a good homeopath a well-chosen constitutional  remedy would also help your dog’s overall health.

Best of luck,
Sarndra Urwin

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