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Heartworm in NZ?

My article on heartworm is instigated by a concerned owner in the USA who is looking for answers to this problem. NZ doesn’t have Heartworm

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The Aged Dog

The regular but judicious use of homeopathy has a lot to offer for the aged animal and herbal medicine of course really comes into its

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Guinea Pigs – delightful

GUINEA PIGS Adult body weight                                          750-1000gm Average daily water intake                             10mls per 100gm body weight Average life span                                            4-8 years Body temperature                                           38.6 deg.C Sexual

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Have you looked in your dog’s mouth lately? Good owners often do and it’s assumed we’re just checking on teeth and gums – but there’s

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Winter ailments

  Every companion and farmed animal appreciates warmth and shelter during the winter chills; it is our responsibility to ensure they get it. Farm animals

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  THE ABUSED ANIMAL The Staphysagria Animal – Delphinium (Lice Bane) This type of dog often attracts fleas and other skin parasites. Staphsagria tincture was

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I recently had a small surgical excision and when the stitches were removed it was recommended I  put a commercial moisturising cream on the scar

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Success Stories (Kuri)

8 months old Kuri lives in Hollywood, USA. It was recommended that she be speyed at 6 months despite the misgivings of her two very caring owners. Unfortunately, Kuri became incontinent of urine shortly after the operation. She was recently also de-wormed and had a lot of worms. Owners didn’t realize they had to do this regularly as a puppy and she visits a doggy park daily. She was also given a chemical flea and tick treatment. Her diet was a combination of kibble, K9 Natural, chicken treats, blueberries, full-fat Greek yoghurt, peanut butter specifically for dogs and a huge range of multivites and supplements.