Crystal Healing for our Pets

Using crystals as part of the everyday wellness program is a joy as their very physical presence is an incentive to continue, and chosen well, can help both owner and dog.

Crystal healing is energy healing and allows us to balance the animals’ energy fields. Animals,  like people, are composed of electromagnetic energy and can therefore be affected by the energy of minerals in different ways.

The specific action of various crystals has been proven over the centuries – transmitting, transforming and storing the various energies. Animals have acupuncture meridians, chakras and etheric/astral bodies. The crystals affect their etheric and mental bodies, having a more profound effect on their physical body than the flower essences.

Crystals provide the cells with the energy to heal themselves. Arthritis is an excellent example of a debilitating disease where allopathic pain relief blocks the nerve endings to the brain, therefore the brain never gets the message that there are cells out there in trouble. It doesn’t send the energy needed and the condition just worsens. Crystal healing works by transforming an energetic imbalance. A case in point is an energizing pet halter using different types of quartz in various configurations. A 14 year old dog with a grade 3 heart murmur and persistent cough was fitted with a harness using smooth tumbled quartz, encircling the heart chakra, and a neck pendant, clearing this condition permanently.

Crystals may also provide a ‘through –the- back- door approach ‘ to nutritional imbalances. An example is Hornblende, a promoter of creativity from the heart, but it also enhances assimilation of vitamins A & D, calcium, magnesium and iron, plus balancing the sodium levels in the body; useful when rearing young animals. Calcite encourages calcium uptake in the bones, dissolves calcifications, and strengthens the skeleton and joints.

Crystals may also assist in specific health conditions. Turquoise primarily stimulates the throat, heart and naval chakras and was used in ancient times to heal eye problems (especially cataracts) and strengthen work animals.

Parasitic infections can be helped by Bloedite, Iridosmine, Ludlamite, Murite, Palermoite (accompanied by allergies), Pinakiolite (accompanied by hunger) Richterite (accompanied by respiratory disorders), Serpentine (especially for youngsters as it also increases absorption of calcium and magnesium). Taaffeite (especially internal parasites, also supplements iron in blood cells and body balance ( between acidity and alkalinity), and Xenotime  (facilitates the absorption and metabolism of potassium and phosphorus, where there is an excess of alkalinity, and when cancer is present)

Mediation and Communication

Try using crystals for communicating with your pet. Many animal lovers have the clear quartz, the Astrological Sign of all. It allows connecting the physical dimension with the dimension of the mind, allowing communication with minerals, animals and plants.  Hold the stone in your hand with the other hand on the animal or the photo.  Tavorite, with the Astrological Sign of Pisces, provides an excellent animal spiritual totem and physical life form communication.  The Boji Stone enhances telepathic communication between yourself and your animals as can Cylindrite, which assists in also understanding the lessons of Mother Earth.

The apple-green Fausite provides the outdoor-type of person with an enhanced perception of both plant and animal exploitation. Stibnite is a greyish black crystal totem stone for the wolf, stimulating endurance and bringing fidelity into relationships. It provides access to the all-knowing animal kingdom, and can be used to relieve stiffness and rigidity.

Energising Elixirs

These are preparations of mineral water that contains the essence of the energies of the crystal used. Place the mineral in distilled water in a glass jar. Put the container out in the sun or moonlight for at least 24 hours. Use as part of the animals drinking water. Minerals can also be placed in aquariums and in the water dishes of pets but ensure they cannot swallow them.